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Results-focused content production FOR COMPANIES

Marketing decision makers are constantly under pressure to maximize visibility and impact in the digital world. By outsourcing your content production to us, you can focus on your core business. As your cooperation partner, we promise not only extra hands and new energy, but also fresh, innovative ideas to support your digital marketing.

Content production

customized content production that engages your audience

Content production

With our help, you not only reach, but also engage your target audience efficiently and effectively, with the help of SEO-optimized content. Over the years, we have gained valuable experience working in both the B2B and B2C sectors, and currently our customer base is divided in such a way that 57 percent work in the B2B sector and 43 percent in the B2C side.

Our in-depth knowledge of social media platforms and their unique features, combined with SEO know-how, enables us to create content strategies that not only strengthen, but also nurture your company's brand identity. We produce targeted and optimized content in the language of your choice - be it Finnish, English or Swedish - and make sure that your message is not only heard, but also resonates with your desired audience. In our hands, the many forms of content – be they expert articles, in-depth blog posts, engaging newsletters or impressive copywriting – turn into powerful tools that advance your brand's goals and growth.

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organic posts

We build your brand's personality and engage your followers with visually appealing content designed to increase engagement and visibility.

Blog posts

We make sure that your website stands out among thousands of search results.

News letters

A regularly sent newsletter keeps your brand in mind and helps build and maintain a strong relationship with customers.


Get results fast and get hundreds, often thousands of impressions regardless of your follower count.


On TikTok, brands can show their authenticity and create a deeper connection with their audience. Spontaneous and human content often resonates better than overpriced advertising campaigns.


Articles are a strategic tool with which you build trust, authority and make your company recognizable.

still and video shooting

When your company chooses Primaq, you get not only technical know-how but also a creative partner. We use visual storytelling as an effective communication tool that resonates with your target group and brings results. Whether it's traditional videography, photography or short videos, Primaq is the reliable choice to bring your vision to life.

Social media marketing

Today, it's not a question of whether social media marketing is worth investing in - it's a question of who is the best partner to help you achieve your goals. Primaq's certified experts achieve impressive social marketing results with years of experience, professional skills and, above all, passion.

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YouTube Shorts -markkinointi

youtube shorts marketing

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What benefits can social media bring to your company?

Social media is a broad set of different platforms, which is why it can be used to reach many different target groups, with different content, with different goals, at all stages of the purchase path.

The benefits of social media outsourcing include, among others. 

  • Confirmation of visibility 

  • A good way to reach the target group and work in the customer interface 

  • Create new request 

  • Creating a network 

  • Increasing organic visibility 

  • Possibility to target advertising at different stages of the purchase path 

  • An easy channel for collecting customer feedback 

  • Engaging potential customers  

  • Driving traffic to website 

  • Brand validation 

  • Monitoring competitors' activities and trends 

If these or some of these things are important to your business, social media outsourcing can be an effective solution for you. 

When you're ready to see what customized and targeted content can achieve for your business, contact us. We offer a preliminary strategy mapping free of charge, so that we can together identify the best opportunities to strengthen your brand.

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