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Digital marketing is the load-bearing wall of the construction industry and the business card of real estate brokers, because dreaming about housing, looking for inspiration, and new acquisitions are mostly done today using digital channels. Differentiating from competitors requires active branding, transparency, high-quality visual presence and regular advertising . We are familiar with neat interior work as well as rough exterior design, so whether your company works on building apartments or selling them, you will find the right tools for successful digital marketing in our toolbox.

in the marketing of the field, we have focused especially on the following :

  • Site descriptions of different work phases

  • Personnel descriptions and introductions

  • Social media content production

  • Directing traffic to the desired website

  • Reels , Youtube Shorts and TikTok videos

  • Ads for the desired target group

  • Event photography

  • Newsletters for the customer register or partners

Digital marketing reference

kasvata verkkosivukävijöidesi määrää

We quadrupled the number of visitors to our client's website in 8 months with the help of organic content production .

do effective event marketing

Sales of new properties, apartment displays, customer evenings and other various events are common in the industry - we make them visible with the help of advertising .

Digital marketing reference

Produce versatile content for social media

The difference between occasional and regular content production is huge. These results have been achieved when content has been produced regularly

for 4 months.

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